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  Julian 098b61c2ef
Change to new API 9 months ago
  Julian 422dff7218
Improve argument parsing with argparse 11 months ago
  Agustín b5aaac81d4
Fix permissions and hashbang. 1 year ago
  Julian 81a5dfb718
Fix wrong ident 1 year ago
  Martín S 716f3f561e
Add analytics check 1 year ago
  Martín S 5ac91f5ecf
Add version and auth check 1 year ago
  Julian b288a0cada
Refactor output logic and add concat of arrays 1 year ago
  Julian c2d0125341
Remove unused definition of format var 1 year ago
  Julian 4d037c5c97
Add missing argument to function call 1 year ago
  Julian 3812cff890
Make the defaulting to md better 1 year ago
  Julian eae92a45d6
Add linebreak after last output line 1 year ago
  Martín S c5f771cb03
Make format optional 1 year ago
  Martín S 7dca49027f
Optionally output JSON format 1 year ago
  Julian e37b0b5408
Remove useless file 1 year ago
  Julian 7d45ca36d2
Fix help message to also be helpful when compiled 1 year ago
  Julian 5857345ae3
Add build dirs to gitignore 1 year ago
  Julian c39adcc8c0
Add first test for CD 1 year ago
  Julian 24116b14c5
Removed unused dependency 1 year ago
  Julian bc71bca7ba
Add missing space between emojis 1 year ago
  Julian fd47aa71f9
Change to generic Cloudflare name 1 year ago
  Julian 54e47ea9d3
Add output of hoster name 1 year ago
  Julian bee57c4f54
Add explination for symbols 1 year ago
  Julian b82a3ba170
Add proper attribution for original author 1 year ago
  Julian d033f3d560
Remove unnecessary text 1 year ago
  Julian cfd980b0b0
Fix crash on name resolution error 1 year ago
  Julian ef03939cc1
Add output of headings 1 year ago
  Julian c92021e57c
Add sorting by coutry-code 1 year ago
  Julian 3865a00c96
Fix typo in "checkStund" 1 year ago
  Julian d16beac2ec
Fix dependency install command 1 year ago
  Julian cd7ed9c8a1
Change to httpx lib to support HTTP/2 1 year ago
  Julian e24be7da74
Change Geolocation API 1 year ago
  Julian 087f893038
Add output for unavaible instances 1 year ago
  Julian 934e638222
Fix Mardown for Plume 1 year ago
  Julian a41f52130e
Add email address to Readme 1 year ago
  Julian 5792717eee
Add Readme 1 year ago
  Julian c8a370e33f
Initialize main.py 1 year ago